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The old popular verse says: “The Saracens came / and beat us to death / God helps the bad / when they are more than the good”

From the biblical beginning of time, antithetical pairs marked our way of looking at the world. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the story and the story. You can tell me that in this last example it should not be, perhaps, so categorical since there are few times that the real story and what is told about it do not coincide; and I will give you the reason, just so that you believe that you are right. If there is one thing that should not be done, it is arguing with fools. Which reminds me of an anecdote that is attributed to a situation experienced in Paris when a high-ranking US military officer and his Vietnamese counterpart met to sign the armistice of the bloody Vietnam War; After the photos of rigor, the huge American told him almost in a whisper: despite having lost the war, you must recognize that our army is a hundred times more powerful than yours; I will grant you that, replied the Oriental, but you must then grant me that it does not matter.

But let’s go back to the beginning, of the first children of God one was obedient, trusting and, why not, perhaps naive and the other – the woman of course – the wayward, the cunning, the “deceitful” as an old zamba would say. Nothing good could come out of that marriage and that is precisely what happened, one son came out good, obedient, etc. and the other, Cain, bad, fratricidal, etc.

These struggles between good and evil, remember, are repeated practically in all cosmogony, it is not an invention, much less heritage of Christianity, but I take it as an example because it is, in our civilization, perhaps the most widespread. As it is also good to remember that the struggles for who carries the most powerful god is still as valid now as 5000 years ago. So in force in the year 1095 when the then Pope Urban II in the council of Clermont, at the cry of Deus vult – God wants it – started the first carnage called First Crusade against the Muslims of Turkish Anatolia who wanted, nothing less, to throw to the Roman invaders of their lands. Curiously, that same phrase was raised again as a war cry in Franco’s Spain –August 1936– when the promoter of National Catholicism Aniceto de Castro Albarrán urged the Spanish civil war to start, saying: “It is a fight for God and for the Homeland.