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Badoo Live is one of the options recently launched by Badoo. This feature allows users to broadcast live video, which can be viewed by all Badoo users who will also be able to participate. The users who are watching can give gifts to those who are emitting, and these can use them to increase their popularity. Those who carry out the broadcasts (streamers) are encouraged to establish a ‘Challenge’, valued at a number of credits that they can choose themselves. The Challenge will be considered passed when they have achieved that amount of credits. The challenges can be chosen from a list and range from eating with your feet, singing a song, and many other things.

Despite being a very successful feature, Badoo Live has not lasted for a long time on this platform. Since the beginning of April 2020 there are many people who are wondering what has happened to this function and, although the company has not offered any kind of explanation through its website, it has done so to our question via Twitter. As they have ensured, the decision to close Badoo Live comes because they want to encourage the members of the platform to interact with each other and establish conversations, instead of spending time attending the broadcasts of others as spectators.

However, and despite the fact that there are many users who have criticized the closure of Badoo Live, especially since this fact has occurred just coinciding with the confinement, the company has announced that it will soon launch new features. Until then, we will have to wait.

Badoo has a thorough photo verification process to ensure that the images are real

The profile verification process requires users to connect their accounts with their profiles on other social networks or with their mobile phone

The profile information, as a whole, is pretty bad. Unlike other similar pages, where you have to answer questions and take various personality tests, Badoo users can only choose their interests by selecting them from a list. You cannot know what their thoughts are on issues related to religion, politics, etc.

To encourage their users to upload their best photos and fill out their profile more fully, they have devised a profile scoring system. The higher your score, the higher the visibility of your profile for other users.